The Inspired Hope Group
By Angie

It's how women in bad relationships, go from misery and despair to hope and comfort

Have hope in your heart and little more control in your life, from our loving community "Inspired Hope" for just $1 a day...

For ladies who have felt numb in their relationships

Each day you can take part in our quiet 5 minute activities, helping you privately regain your hope...

On Monday we find a moment to reflect on a past success. 
It’s a great conversation starter and you’ll see many other ladies sharing their fondest memories. It’s a great way to start the week.

Today you will focus on a positive. It could be something very small such as being able to share a smile, or perhaps it’s your child has been praised at school. 

The idea is simple, when we think of a positive feeling, we change our emotion, even if just for a few minutes, it’s a chink of light, and it brings relief.

Share your problem for the week, and our loving community will come together and give you helpful support.

Be creative. Even for 1 minute. Our community will share how they are being creative today, inspiring you to do something for you, and bringing safe emotions into your life, some escapism and the hope you need. 

It’s almost the weekend, and our life can change again, often it brings in different worries and concerns. Let us know what they are, and we’ll come together, we have your back. You are not alone.

Pay it forward. We are all going to do something nice for one person, someone who will appreciate your efforts. From sharing a smile to giving them a book you have read. As we pay it forward we create hope in our hearts and you’ll love the community stories.

Begin the ripple of hope by giving a smile to someone who needs it.